• Congratulations Priyanka

    M.Priyanka from APSA Rainbow Homes participated in State Level Kickboxing competition and has been selected to play at the National Level………..Congratulations Priyanka!!

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  • National Karate championship Tournament-Delhi

    Our girls from Khushi Rainbow Home,New Delhi won a total of 14 medals (4 gold, 7 silver & 3 bronze) at the recent National Karate championship Tournament held at Jesus & Mary school, New Delhi on 24th December 2017. Read More
  • TSK25 organised by Tata Steel

    Snapshots from Loreto Rainbow Homes girls’ run at the TSK25 (December 17th) organised by Tata Steel. The girls dedicated this run towards education and shelter for Rainbow Homes Children.

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  • District Level Rugby competition

    Our girls from Loreto Rainbow Homes, Bowbazar, Kolkata recently won the third prize at the District Level Rugby competition!! Congratulation dear children and all the very best for next level.  

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  • 175 years glorious journey of Loreto

    Spectacular ! Rainbow girls presents a beautiful performance at Loreto Enatally in celebration of 175 years glorious journey of Loreto.

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  • The first Sneh Ghar for boys opens in Pune

    The first Sneh Ghar for boys opens in Pune and the first child who joined is Ganesh. Congratulations to our Pune team!!!

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  • HOME MOTHERS Training of Rainbow Homes

    The 2nd round of training for HOME MOTHERS of Rainbow Homes in Hyderabad is currently taking place. It will be a 3 day workshop. The training is being conducted through interactive activities with focus on working with self and understanding about the Rainbow Program and their unique roles as primary carers in the homes…….. A

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  • Session with BALM on Homelessness and Children on Streets

    1st session with BALM (The Banyan Academy of leadership on mental health) on Homelessness and Street Children . Full day session with M.A. students of Social Work and Psychology as part of Choice Based Credit System CBCS course.             The M.A. students visited our Rainbow Homes Chetpet & Kosapet at

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  • Streets to hallways of College

    Amrutha’s story:  Amrutha was a 13 year old without Parents when she was found rag picking on the streets of Bengaluru. Her father was an alcoholic and beat up her mother almost every day. One day her father drank heavily, picked up a quarrel and started attacking her mother, she fell down and died instantaneously.  Police arrested

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  • Hard work can give you wings

    Dilruba joined Kilkari Rainbow Home in Delhi in 2008 when she was around 8 years old. She hails from West Bengal and like millions of other Indian families hers too migrated to Delhi in search for a dependable and consistent means of livelihood. With no friends or family members to tether them to the city,

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