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S Mariya from Rainbow Home acted in Poorna
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GSRD Foundation visits Rainbow Homes
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Raman Magasaysay awardee T.M.Krishna
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11 Million

Children are on the streets.

No caring spaces for these children

Rainbow Homes for Girls and Sneh Ghars for Boys provide Open, Voluntary,Non-custodial and long term residential comprehensive care for children formerly on the streets.


Our Reach


Supported Children


Present Children





Comprehensive Care Model

What makes us different

Working with Public Systems


  • Homes are located inside Government Schools
  • Enhanced trust with Government and Govt. Institutions
  • Children attend govt. schools therebyrejuvenating them
Open, Voluntary & Non-Custodial


  • Children have made an informed decision to leave the streets voluntarily
  • Children thrive in a non-threatening environment
  • Children are not locked up inside a home
Child-Centric Approach


  • Covered under the RTE Act and JJ Act
  • Adhere to the UN convention on the Rights of the child
  • Child has stake in her development through participation via Bal Sabha andChild committees
Accountatble & Transparent


  • Financial audits by one of BIG4 audit firms
  • Child progress traced through web-based information system
  • Key Performance Indicators monitored periodically


Recognized By
Govt.of India included in the National Educational Policy(SSA).
Recommended By
A model of care for children formerly on streets.
Referred By
As the Best Practice of care for children on street.

Success Story

Lilima Lilima born in a south Delhi slum to an Assamese family; they were four siblings - an older brother and sister and a little brother. She described her father as a local sadhu and healer. Read More

pooja Special in so many ways, Pooja is persistent and pliant like a true athlete. At the age of 15, she has already made the country proud at a prestigious international platform. Read More

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"The physical spaces exist for every street child, In our cities it is the spaces in our hearts that still do not…."

"The best ideas are simple. Provides shelter street children in school. That was the beginning. Meanwhile, the thousands of children much more than that. Their bright eyes say more than a long story"


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