Azim Hashim Premji Visits Rainbow Home

Visit by Azim Hashim Premji to Aman Vedika Rainbow Home, Musheerabad

Azim Hashim Premji, Chairman, Wipro Ltd. and renowned philanthropist visited the Aman Vedika Rainbow Home in Musheerabad, Secunderabad, Hyderabad on 16 November 2015. He was accompanied by G. Anantpadmanabhan, CEO of Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives and Anand Swaminathan, Director, Azim Premji Foundation. Mr. Premji was received by K. Anuradha, CEO, Rainbow Homes Programme and welcomed by children of the Rainbow Home. He was introduced to the idea of care and protection for children formerly on the streets by Anuradha and the details of the model of care propagated by Rainbow Homes were explained by V Ch S Bahadur, Director, Programs and Operations, Rainbow Homes Programme. After spending some time in understanding the broad concept, Mr. Premji was introduced to the entire team that runs the Rainbow Home in Musheerabad.
After a brief introduction to the various team members, a wholly guided tour of the entire home was facilitated and led by the children themselves. Mr. Premji had questions on the variety of the food served and the children explained the planned and comprehensive menu chart that is followed in preparation of the meals. Each child introduced themselves before explaining various aspects of the running of a Rainbow Home. The introduction included their struggles, challenges and how they managed to overcome them with the backing of the Rainbow Homes program. Mr. Premji was also informed of the various non-negotiable principles on which the Rainbow Homes functioned. After a brief tour of the home, he was taken to the top floor of the home where the children were waiting in anticipation to perform a skit they had prepared especially for him. Before the skit, a small prayer was performed by a group of children espousing the values of a just, humane and equitable society. This was much appreciated by the visiting delegation. After the skit was performed, Mr. Premji was asked to speak on his experience of the home visit and he applauded the enthusiasm of the entire team and the need for such work to continue and grow. The children were also keen to know how Mr. Premji had achieved success in life.
He responded with humility by saying that hard work and luck had got him so far in life. K. Anuradha asked him for further support in enriching the education of the children through English and Computer classes to which G. Ananthpadmanabhan responded saying they would look into the request. The children thanked him for visiting their home. The visit ended with Mr. Premji sipping on some fresh coconut water and leaving the home with positivity and words of encouragement for the entire staff and children of Rainbow Homes.

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