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Support our mission!  Enable disadvantaged children challenged by circumstances become responsible and successful members of society!  Donate generously!  Donate your time!

Who are our wards?

They are kids.  Children in all age groups.  Boys and girls at various stages of maturity and development- both mental and physical.  Orphaned, abandoned, rejected, shunned and rendered weak and defenseless by their parents, guardians or perceived guardians.  Exploited mercilessly, in many forms and guises, by the unscrupulous adults from different walks of life in different positions of responsibility and guardianship.  Not having any support, especially material and emotional, at early stages of development, both physical and mental, when support was most needed.

The absence of a secure roof over head to fend off ravages of elements with no hope of getting it ever at all, the absence of food when hungry often numbing senses and reason, or the absence of a warm place in some one’s heart to seek solace in times of distress can all be exceedingly telling in anyone’s growth and development. This is when the boundary between good and bad, trust or mistrust, respect for normal social standards or their blatant flouting starts disappearing for these children.

Soon the circumstances had a devastating effect on these kids, making them adults in the bodies of children.  The skills they developed while navigating through their harsh and downright debilitating environment helped them in their fight for survival and, not surprisingly, were quite warped too.  The lack of knowledge of any alternative form of existence coupled with lack of ‘proper’ direction, created in them a fertile ground for fostering mistrust and irreverence for accepted social norms and standards.  A broad positive direction for their own future lives never took any roots.  Operating under unavoidable and perhaps anti-social influences, these boys and girls, the most disadvantaged and the most certainly forsaken of the society, could themselves, in turn, metamorphose into anti-social individuals.

There is an encouraging facet to the situation here.  These children have displayed and continue to display, tremendous skill, strength and endurance in their fight for survival when they started thriving and making meaning for themselves in their lives.  They possess an enormous potential for development given the right guidance and support, are incredibly perceptive and astoundingly creative.  The difficult circumstances they continue to encounter appear to provide them with amazing fortitude and courage enabling them to develop and maintain constructive and fruitful relationships with others, have empathy and compassion to similarly placed kids and render selfless assistance and support to others.

Who are we? What is our mission?

Our mission is to support these children in all respects until they can stand on their own feet: that means, food, clothing, shelter, education and physical and emotional support in lieu of family environment.  We provide them education, knowledge and skills to grow, prosper, seek and maintain their own means of survival.  We also do our best in giving them love and affection to nurture and enable them to blossom.  We wish to give them a comprehensive sense of security in which they can pursue academic activities, study, learn, acquire skills and knowledge in their endeavor to become economically independent.  We also wish to instill in them worthy ideals and meaningful goals and restore in them trust and belief in the society at large.  With appropriate guidance and supporting intellectual resources, we are certain they will join the mainstream society as responsible citizens.

How do we accomplish this?

A few guiding principles show us the way.  Be with them when they need help, in addition to providing their basic necessities of life.  Make every effort to understand their aspirations, share with them their joys and disappointments, enable them to distinguish between right and wrong, help them retain and enrich their own abilities and skills to not only survive but thrive in a complex and difficult world, and assist them in assimilating and practicing human values in a complete way.  We attempt achieve this through discussions, instruction, guidance and direction in a cooperative and supportive setting.  We realize this is not an easy path to follow as our experience indicates.  We believe there are not too many appealing and workable alternatives.

How can you help?

We appeal to you to donate funds to support us in providing food for our wards.  Our costs are the following.
One day food costs us Rs. 50 per child and for an year it comes around Rs.18250. Where as in a home with 100 children we are incurring Rs. 5000 in a day and all the 365 days we provide food with dignity to all the children in 45 homes.

Based on this, we request that you donate a minimum of Rs. 5000  to support us in feeding our kids for one day in a year.  We urge to make a commitment to aid us for THREE years.


All of us learned immensely from our families, teachers, and people from different walks of life that inspired us.  Could you share your learning with our children?  We would like you to speak and interact with our wards at a mutually convenient time.  Share with them your learning, aspirations, ideals, achievements, struggles to achieve your goals, and values.  Help them learn from informed persons like you as to how to become responsible and successful members of our society.

Annam Parabrhma Swarupam!
-Prasna Upanishad
He who sleeps on a full stomach while his neighbor goes hungry is not one of us-
-Holy Quran
Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he shares his bread with the poor
-Holy Bible

Office Address:

H.No 1-1-711/C/1, First Floor, Opp Vishnu Residency, Gandhi Nagar, Hyderabad-500,
Ph: 040-27660017,  040-65144656   E-mail: /

Bank Details: Indians’ contributions in Indian Rupees
BANK                       :        STATE BANK OF INDIA
A/C No                      :        32816765183,
Branch                     :        Musheerabad, Hyderabad
IFSC                          :        SB1N0012989

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