The transition to adulthood is a critical stage of human development during which young people leave childhood behind and take on new roles and responsibilities. It is a period of social, psychological, economic, and biological transitions, and for many young people it involves demanding emotional challenges and important choices. It is a journey, a complex and gradual process, characterized by “semi-autonomy”, beginning at puberty, continuing through the years of adolescence, arriving into early adulthood. To a large degree, the nature and quality of young people’s future lives depend on how successfully they negotiate through this critical period. As broad global forces transform the world in which the next generation will live and work, the choices that today’s young people make or others make on their behalf will facilitate or constrain their success as adults. 1 Transition to adulthood is particularly critical and challenging for children who were in difficult circumstances, being formerly on street, facing vulnerabilities and exploitations.
With Rainbow Homes in its existence since 6-7 years, many of the Children in care of our Sneh Ghar/Rainbow Homes whom came to the homes 6-7 years back at younger ages have now attended their teenage or in their late teens. Henceforward, these children will be referred as Young Adults’ throughout the document. Needs of these young adults are different and they need help in acquiring skills for income generation and independent living outside home care. Transition from childhood to adulthood is a process that includes a coordinated set of activities designed to improve not just the basic academic achievement of the child, but also to facilitate post-secondary education, vocational education, integrated employment, independent living, and social integration. Children who have lived on the streets have a set of specific needs which makes a transition program to be taken up even more systematically and carefully in the Rainbow Home / Sneh Ghars.
Keeping in view the importance of transition services for the young adults who needs to be prepared for a smooth transition from home care to outside independent living, two workshops were arranged with young adults in age group 16-18 years in care of Rainbow Homes/ Sneh Ghars and also the young adults more than 18 years of age who has already started living outside home care either in hostels or rented houses. In order to cover all the young adults from Rainbow Homes/ Sneh Ghars across 7 cities, two workshops of 5 days each were organized in the month of July and August with a total of 342 participants including National Staff of Rainbow Homes Program, State Office Staff and Home Teams.

Udaan Workshop North: Young adults and Teams from Patna, Delhi and Kolkata, 30th-4th August, Bethel Prayer Centre, Barapani, Meghalaya
Udaan Workshop South: Young adults and Teams from Hyderabad & Anantapur, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune2, 17th – 21st August 2016, Mount Don Bosco, Kottagiri, Nilgiri, Tamilnadu

Executive Summary: Growing Up Global: the Changing Transitions to Adulthood in Developing Countries

UDAAN- Taking Flight

North & South WORKSHOP REPORT30th July - 4th August, 2016 and 17th August – 21st August 2016

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