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Association for Rural and Urban Needy (ARUN)

Association for Rural and Urban Needy (ARUN) works with marginalized communities in urban and rural areas particularly with Dalits, Safai Karmacharis, Children Without Adult Care and Distressed Communities that are victims of homelessness; by establishing supportive, caring systems that will ensure freedom from hunger, violence and deprivation and enable a life of peace, social integration, harmony and dignity. ARUN runs the Rainbow Homes Program with diverse partners in many cities across India.

The Rainbow Homes Program 

The Rainbow Homes Program – ARUN – aims to protect, care for, educate and empower our most disadvantaged children. These include children who live on city streets; orphaned, abandoned, and violence-affected children; working children; children of farmer – suicide and starvation families; and children of sex workers. We strive to ensure that these children access their rights in loving, open and safe residential care homes in government schools and buildings; and for them to grow into happy, responsible and caring citizens.


For every child to grow up in a secure and joyful environment where she/he can fully develop her/his talents in order to lead an independent life with dignity.


To ensure a safe and happy childhood of vulnerable children on streets to help them access protection, education, nutrition and health care.


  • Building a replicable model collaborating with State Governments and Civil Society Organizations for ensuring inclusive rights of disadvantaged groups of children including urban street children & youth.
  • Supporting a ‘Movement of Caring’, a model where governments and responsible caring citizens build more inclusive, just and humane urban society.
  • Reaching out to the most vulnerable street children and guaranteeing them comprehensive, long term care in voluntary open non-custodial homes and securing their rights to protection, love, food, health care, recreation and education. These are guaranteed with no conditionality, with love but no sense of charity, and for as long as the child needs these, as one would ensure for one’s own child.

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