Streets to hallways of College

Amrutha’s story:  Amrutha was a 13 year old without Parents when she was found rag picking on the streets of Bengaluru.

Her father was an alcoholic and beat up her mother almost every day. One day her father drank heavily, picked up a quarrel and started attacking her mother, she fell down and died instantaneously.  Police arrested him on a murder charge and he was incarcerated for a long time.  Amrutha was admitted to a temporary home by an Aunt.  Later on, she became a member of Rainbow Homes (Auxiliam Navajeevana Society, Chamrajpet) in the year 2011.

While she was in Navajeevana, efforts were made to search for her father.  Although he was found, he advised her to remain at Rainbow Homes as she seemed happy there.  He ultimately died due to excessive drinking and this left a gap in her life coupled with the fact that she also lost complete contact with her brother despite searching long for him. Slowly but surely, her emotional wounds  healed in the  loving and caring atmosphere of Rainbow Homes and she grew  up into an intelligent, soft spoken and confident girl with an aptitude for Science and Writing.

Circa 2017, Amrutha joyfully expresses her gratitude to Rainbow Homes who encouraged & supported in her aim to successfully pass the 2nd Pre University Exams. She has recently enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce degree program at St. Aloysius College, Bengaluru. She won a Rs.1000 Gift cheque at the inter college memorable quiz competitions. Recently, she was awarded Rs. 25,000.00 from Guardian of Dream Foundations for her success in studies. The dream of her life is to become an auditor. Amrutha tries her level best to make use of every opportunity that comes her way. She also contributes articles to the “Rainbow Sathi” which is a quarterly magazine that we bring out – articles & stories written by the children at our homes across India.

Congratulations to Amrutha………she has come a long way!!

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