HOME MOTHERS Training of Rainbow Homes

The 2nd round of training for HOME MOTHERS of Rainbow Homes in Hyderabad is currently taking place. It will be a 3 day workshop. The training is being conducted through interactive activities with focus on working with self and understanding about the Rainbow Program and their unique roles as primary carers in the homes…….. A House Mother will be stoic bridge who will drive compassion, confidence and skills and be a key pillar for transforming the lives of children………
On day  1 they are interacting with MV Foundation team to understand their campaign on banning Child Marriage. The Venue is District Revenue Office, Vikharabad.
On day  2 they were familiarized with the gender barriers that a girl has to face.
On day 3, work ethics and interpersonal communication were covered. The workshop ended with five point action plan by housemothers along with project in charge of respective homes.

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