Rainbow Homes Program provides Non-custodial Residential, Comprehensive, Long-term care
for children formerly on the streets.

11 Million

Children are on the streets in India.


No caring spaces for them

Our Comprehensive Care Model

Our Reach

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What makes us different

Working with Public Systems


  • Homes are located inside Government Schools.
  • Covered under the RTE Act and JJ Act.
Child-Centric Approach


  • Children voluntarily decide to leave the streets and live in the home.
  • Care is offered as an entitlement rather than as charity.
  • Participatory  approach; wherein every child has a voice and is heard.
  • Encouraged to keep alive their relationship with their family, if the child so wishes.
  • Care and support extended until transition of children into young adulthood
Accountable & Transparent


  • Financial audits by one of BIG4 audit firms.
  • Child progress traced through web-based information system.
  • Key Performance Indicators monitored periodically.


Govt.of India included in the National Educational Policy (SSA)
“The model has been found to have many advantages: not only low costs, but the integration of children with families and homes with those who have been deprived, to the great pedagogic advantage of both. Many government schools also welcomed this, because it has pushed up the enrollment in the schools, and made them more viable.”
– Sarva shiksha Abhiyan Framework for implementation.
– Ministry of Human Resource Development Department of School Education and Literacy
Rainbow Homes Sunbursts in the Lives of Vulnerable Girls 
“The Rainbow Home program has made a difference in the lives of several girls and prevented the multiple disadvantages the girls face by virtue of being ‘on’ and ‘of’ the street. A well conceptualized and implemented program within quality parameters can facilitate the plan of expansion and provide for lessons for other partners to emulate and follow.”
– Rainbow Homes, Sunbursts in the lives of the vulnerable Girls: A study by Tata Institute of Social Sciences
 save the children
Optimizing use of available resource for care of street children
” The program covers all aspects of care which include education, nutrition, clothing, Health care and Recreation. It offers genuine love, care, safe, supportive and non threatening environment and stimulating secular space where children can heal their traumas, attain stability and rediscover themselves, evolve and flourish. These are not provided to the children as an act of adult benevolence or charity, but is conceptualized and practiced as an entitlement of all children, without discrimination and on conditions that are beneficial to each child’s well-being”
– Caring for the children in street situation: Good practices and approaches. A study by Save the Children
Comprehensive Care and Protection of street and homeless children
“As a model it is indeed,  the most cost -effective and economical approach to reaching out to children on the street and providing them a safe and protected living environment, as also nutrition, health and education. As  a matter of fact, the model could well develop into a sustainable model of government- NGO partnership in addressing the problems of the street children”
– Comprehensive care and Protection of street and homeless children: A study by Anita Kaul, supported by UNICEF

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" In our cities the physical spaces exist for every street child; it is the spaces in our hearts that still do not…."

Ferdinand Van Koolwijk

"I am here to inspire you, but after spending time with you, i must confess,i am the one going back inspired"

- Sania Mirza, at the end of her visit to a Rainbow Home in Hyderabad

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